CONGRATULATIONS to the following 25 people who are through to the final stage of this competition.

What we now need from each and every one of you ONE MORE THING!

  1. Submit a video telling us why you want to be on our DVD trip.
    • In the video include where you’re from, what you do
    • Include your mate/partner or family member that you want to come along with you in your 4WD
    • And don’t forget to show us your 4WD in the video as well.

The video has to be up to 5 minutes only in length – If you send us a 45min video, we’ll only watch the first 5mins 😉  

The BEST video selected from the 25 subscribers will WIN the Major Prize – going away on a trip with Roothy, Gleno and the DustemUp Crew.

And what do we mean by the BEST?

Something that makes us laugh…or cry…or anything in between really. We’re not after a Star Wars production filmed in 4K with whizz-bang effects, nor are we after a Lord of The Rings saga that takes 3 days to watch with 32 bags of popcorn & six litres of Coke.

Just grab your video camera or Smartphone and make it interesting, exciting, informative, and don’t forget… fun!
We want to see who YOU are, get to know you (and your mate/partner/friend), find out a little about all of you, and check out your cool 4WD.
Think of it like going on a first date (although some of us can’t remember what that’s like) but be authentic, be real… you get the idea. Put your best foot forward and entertain us, after all – you’re going to be in our DVD helping us entertain all our fans. So, just be yourself and do your best!

AND TWO Pro Tips for filming a video – keep the smartphone or camera as still as possible (use a tripod or place it somewhere) & wind is a killer for ALL audio!
We get that you’re no Steven Spielberg or George Lucas but shaky video that rattles our eyeballs and audio we can’t hear due to excessive wind noise will just get tossed in the bin.

Now To The Lucky 25 People… they are as follows:

  • NAME
  • Kelvin O’Connor
  • Steven Farmer
  • William Johnson
  • Ian Rossiter
  • Rhianna Gordon
  • Lee Grant
  • Ashley Barrot
  • Derek MASON
  • Sharon Cook
  • Ryan Riedel
  • Gavin Buchanan
  • Trevor Hippisley
  • Lisa Pangas
  • Michelle Knowles
  • Jacob Maguire
  • James Brown
  • Aaron Ridley
  • Owen Davy
  • Malcolm Frahm
  • Christopher Warnes
  • David Chamberlain
  • Judith Morgan
  • Bill Rutland
  • Michael Hellmann
  • Deborah Templeton
  • Suburb/Town
  • Kinross
  • Australind
  • South Hedland
  • Wyndham Vale
  • Briagolong
  • Numurkah
  • Hallett Cove
  • Nhulunbuy
  • Belconnen
  • Belmont North
  • Fingal Head
  • Bingara
  • St Clair
  • Arundel
  • Gracemere
  • Jimboomba
  • Talgai
  • South Brisbane
  • Rockhampton
  • State
  • WA
  • WA
  • WA
  • VIC
  • VIC
  • VIC
  • VIC
  • SA
  • SA
  • NT
  • NT
  • ACT
  • NSW
  • NSW
  • NSW
  • NSW
  • NSW
  • QLD
  • QLD
  • QLD
  • QLD
  • QLD
  • QLD
  • QLD
  • QLD
  • Postcode
  • 6028
  • 6233
  • 6722
  • 3024
  • 3860
  • 3636
  • 3810
  • 5158
  • 5114
  • 0810
  • 0881
  • 2617
  • 2280
  • 2850
  • 2487
  • 2404
  • 2759
  • 4214
  • 4702
  • 4870
  • 4280
  • 4362
  • 4101
  • 4700
  • 4740


  1. Make a plan and film your video in either .mp4 or .mov format with a video camera or your smartphone. Quality: at least 720p or higher is fine (16:9 or 1:1). As long as it’s clear for us to watch (& listen).
  2. Get the video to us

The easiest way to get the video to us is as follows using one of the four methods.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT FILM YOUR VIDEO ON YOUR SMARTPHONE, AND THEN EMAIL IT TO US DIRECTLY FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE. Due to the file size of a 5min video, all smartphones will automatically compress the video to a very, very low resolution. The end result is, the video will be extremely poor quality and difficult for us to watch… and if we can’t watch it, we’ll just delete it. The below transfer methods work best from a computer or on devices that have apps that are listed below.

  1. MAIL IT – Save your video on to a USB or burn a CD/DVD on your computer and mail it to us at:
    DustemUp Pty Ltd
    Attention: Teresa
    Unit 9, 75 Flinders Parade
    North Lakes QLD 4509
  2. ONLINE TRANSFER Method 1 – Use an online file transfer service like Wetransfer (its free)
    – Go to
    – Click on “Take me to free”
    – On the left, click on “Add Your files” (A file window will open, you then find and select your video file that you want to send us). Click on “OPEN”
    – Then below enter our email address (in the “Email to” space)
    – Add in your email address below that.
    – In the Message box enter your full name
    – Click on the “Transfer” button. And that’s it!
  3. ONLINE TRANSFER Method 2 – Google Drive – if you have a Google drive, you can upload the video to your Google Drive and create a share link for the video file. You can copy and paste this link in an email to us or share the file directly to us. For both options, please use this email: 
  4. ONLINE TRANSFER Method 3 –  For the more tech savvy people – if you have/use/subscribe to another file transfer service like Hightail, Dropbox, Send Anywhere, MediaFire, Slack, Box and so on send your shared links to

CUT OFF DATE: Your submission must be received by us by no later than Friday 6 March 2020 at 5PM.

If you have any issues or questions, email us on or give us a quick call on 1300 513 513